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The longing and the loss
Published on March 11, 2008 By lifehappens In Parenting

My daughter has the overwhelming urge to eat my food.  Specifically, my oatmeal.


It seems as though every time I make oatmeal,no matter how many servings I make....she is begging for more and ends up eating my breakfast.  I swear, it happens all the time.  I've even made 4 servings so there would be lots extra....but to no avail.  She still will eat until it is all gone.

Eating mine before they wake up is a guarenteed way to ensure that both kids hate the sight of oatmeal and won't touch it.


So today, because I'm a bit of a bad mom,  I was sneakily planning on making oatmeal.  Girl is sick and her appitite is low.  I served the kids and watched nearly gleefully as she took a few bites and pronounced herself finished with half the bowl still full of warm breakfasty goodness.

I turned and lifted my spoon to my lips....I could feel the heat still pouring off the bowl and....

my son pipes up. "Mom?  Is there any more?"


Sigh.  I guess I'll have to wait till they move out.




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